P r o s i l i o   R e s i d e n c y
In May 2023 I left London for Greece. Together with my beloved we set up camp in an olive grove in the hills of Prosilio, southern Peloponese, where we lived for 5 months. The intention with the project was to experience living outside (the city), to explore clay as a building material and to learn how to harvest the olives for olive oil production. During this period we built a series of structures most significantly a meditation hut made with wattle and daub – wattle from olive tree pruning and daub from soil dug up on the site and a cob oven.
Greece opened herself up to me, she offered me her body through the earth. Without hesitation she surrendered to my hands.. Never before had I worked with a material so responsive. Her nourishing presence brought me inwards and outwards simultaneously. Like a new lover she enraptured me, yet I felt as if though I had always known her. No barriers between us - my limbs an extension of her vastness. This was a language of bodies, of touch, of feeling one's way to the destination. Like cooking, one that I had always known without being taught..